Acoustic Consultancy

There has been a major increase in the demand for us to provide Turtlerock acoustic consultancy. We have currently got several studio builds on the go in different states with hugely different budgets and it is something Rick seems to find time to do because he really enjoys the process. We have a number of very expensive dedicated acoustic test measurement devices here in-house and can provide full analysis and reporting of your rooms for those that are interested in that level of detail.

We now offer access to several proven acoustic products including RPG Acoustic Diffusors and can specify and supply these products to your build anywhere in the country.

We have exclusive proven knowledge in regard to studio builds, specifications and real world expectations. We offer this service on an hourly rate of $166 per hour and we can do turn-key studio constructions, but we'd really just prefer you pick our brains and use our experience throughout the process of the build, which is a far more realistic use of our time and the client's money.

This is by far the biggest area of growth in our company so we look forward to exploring where this takes Turtlerock in the future. Email us if acoustics are on your mind and let’s have a chat (the first 15 minutes are free).

We use, and sell retail RPG Acoustic Diffusors and Ultrafonic Acoustic Foams and Glues as well as a host of other acoustic products. We represent and sell the above products but can and do use and recommend other products depending on the acoustically correct application. Ao rather than just retail "set acoustic products" we like to think of our acoustic work and sales as "Acoustic solutions".